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Lancaster, Pa Foundry and Employees

Employment Inquiries for Lancaster, PA Foundry Work

J. Walter Miller Company is a leading supplier of brass and bronze sand castings. We are always looking for good people to join our team. We like both experienced and those without experience in the metal casting industry. Just bring a good attitude and a good work ethic.

J. Walter Miller Company pays a competitive wage, and we have a full benefits package for our full-time employees in metal casting foundry positions.

If you are the kind of person who finds satisfaction in manufacturing, seeing what you have helped create, being a star and the member of a team that thrives when working together, then please apply to our metal casting foundry jobs.

We are big enough to provide stable work, yet small enough to maintain a family feel. Overtime is usually plentiful. 

We are a fully integrated bi-lingual (English/Spanish) facility. We promote diversity and offer equal opportunity employment.  You can submit a resume online, or come to our office at 411 E. Chestnut Street, Lancaster, PA.


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J. Walter Miller

411 E. Chestnut Street
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