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Modern metal casting creation

Modern Castings for Every Need

Every customer’s needs are unique. At J. Walter Miller, we recognize this fact and make ourselves adaptable to be the solution you seek. Our foundry understands that you exist in a competitive market. It is our role to facilitate the goals of your company to gain for you a competitive edge!

  • If you have existing tooling, you need a foundry that is adept at maximizing your tooling in both quality and value
  • If you have aged tooling that must continue to serve you, you need a foundry that is experienced in converting aged manual tooling to be utilized on modern equipment without a large investment
  • If you have drawings and need a foundry experienced in taking that concept and finding the most cost effective means based on annual usage and your budget

If your needs extend beyond finished alloy castings, we also provide services which include testing, alloy casting impregnation, machining, coatings, packaging, and more.

Experienced Brass & Bronze Foundry in PA

Our extensive experience combined with modern equipment, computer modeling, and flow simulation assures that your needs will be met with the most value added solution possible.

We are here to place your product in the spotlight, keep it there, and be your strategic partner. We value relationships and our customer base shows it!

We believe that “Made in USA” means something special and that pride in your craft means something personally.

Contact J. Walter Miller, one of the top foundries in PA, today to learn how our advanced casting capabilities can bring your project to life!