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If your Company Manufactures Fire Protection Products and equipment, you know that choosing the right Foundry to produce your Brass and Bronze Castings is one of the most critical decisions you must make. You need a Foundry that understands the unique quality requirements of your life saving and vital, fire protection products. You need a Foundry with integrity that you can count on. You need a Foundry that responds to your needs with high quality and strong value positioned cost. You need J. Walter Miller Company for reliable castings. We have decades of experience in the production of green sand molded Fire Protection castings, Industry Leading lead times and delivery, and we do 100% visual inspection to ensure the lowest return rates.

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The Complexities of Producing Fire Protection Products

We understand the complexities of the regulations that Fire Protection Companies must comply with to produce and sell their equipment. The role of your Foundry should be one of a supporting partner to assist you in producing the best copper-based alloy castings for your application, allowing you to meet and exceed the regulations of your industry. We know the cost to market is too great to trust the production of your fire protection product castings to an inexperienced or unreliable Foundry. We are experienced, reliable, and ISO9001-2015 Certified.

How Do Fire Sprinkler Heads Work?

Sprinkler heads refer to the components of a building's fire protection system that distribute pressurized water when the system detects the presence of a fire. Connected to a network of wiring and piping, most fire sprinklers feature a small glass bulb containing a glycerin-based liquid. When the temperature rises, the liquid expands and bursts the bulb, which activates the sprinkler system.

Sprinkler Head Cast Frame Manufacturing Customization

The Casting process for these sprinkler heads require a Foundry capable of holding exacting standards of dimension and quality. We produce millions of the cast frames every year for fire protection applications. Fire Sprinkler Head Cast frames are manufactured in many shapes and sizes for a wide range of uses.

Other Types of Fire Protection Cast Products

Sprinkler frames are not the only brass and bronze castings used in the Fire Protection Industry. There are a myriad of fire suppression products including deflectors, dry pipe valves, nozzles, manifolds, and other pipe connectors to name a few. We have extensive experience producing all these fire prevention products.

Choose J. Walter Miller for your Industrial Fire protection Brass and Bronze Castings needs.

As the most reliable sprinkler head and fire protection equipment castings manufacturer in North America, turn to J. Walter Miller Company. Get in touch with our knowledgeable team today by submitting a contact form online or calling us at 717-392-7428.

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