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Electrical Component Castings in Lancaster, PA

When you need a foundry to cast brass or bronze components for your electrical system products, that can accommodate complex product specifications, turn to the experienced professionals at J. Walter Miller Company. We are a foundry that specializes in casting electrical components for a wide variety of commercial, industrial and even domestic applications. We also use the latest technology in green sand-casting of brass and bronze to bring our customers the highest value products, on time, at a competitive price.

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The Electrical Component Casting Process

The metal casting process includes the following basic steps:

A green sand-molding method is used for our electrical component casting processes, and it typically includes these steps:

  • Production of a core used to create internal passages of the casting when necessary. This core is made of a heat-activated resin-coated sand.
  • Mounting a pattern designed for the customer's specific applications onto an automatic molding machine.
  • Using the pattern, the machine makes the mold automatically, filling chambers above and below the pattern with sand, and squeezing the sand against the pattern to form the inner geometry of the casting mold.
  • Setting the core into the mold and closing the mold to be prepared for pouring.
  • Pouring the molten metal into the mold and forming the component.
  • Giving the mold time to cool down and removing the castings from the sand.
  • Cutting the metal casting away from the gating system and cleaning and finishing them to customer specifications.

Types of Electrical Components

We can provide electronic industry castings for an extensive range of products. From Switch Gear, power grid, to HVAC, to the automotive industry, we cast highly customizable electrical components in our ISO 9000 certified foundry in Lancaster.

When you need a reliable source for electrical component casting manufacturing in Pennsylvania or anywhere, we can provide you with cast components for connectors, electrical terminals, gears, switch gear, and many more. To learn more about our electrical casting capabilities, simply reach out to our team with your questions.

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