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For over 130 years, J. Walter Miller Company has been providing North America with top-quality foundry services, including pump body casting manufacturing for industrial applications. As an ISO 9000 certified foundry in the Lancaster area, we are proud to offer a wide range of pump casting capabilities that help our region’s and nation’s industries build high quality and dependable pumps of all types.

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The Importance of Pumps in an Industrial System

In industrial systems, maintaining high-quality hydraulic pumps is incredibly important. J. Walter Miller casts a variety of high-pressure hydraulic pump components to fulfill commercial, industrial and even domestic purposes.

A pump's basic function is to move air or liquid from one section of the system to another. High-pressure pumps are necessary for moving air, water or another liquid through the machinery — specifically to parts of the machine that become pressurized.

Industrial Pump Applications

Hydraulic pumps can create pressure of over 800 psi, but some high-pressure pumps can generate between 3,000 and 5,000 psi. Industrial hydraulic pumps are used mostly for water supply and waste management processes as they use high pressures to move substances and fluids. They're also frequently used for reverse osmosis, chemical processing, pressure cleaning and oil processing.

The Pump Casting Process

The pump casting process includes the following basic steps:

A green sand-molding method is used for our pump component casting processes, and it typically includes these steps:

  • Production of a core used to create internal passages of the pump casting. This core is made of a heat-activated resin-coated sand.
  • Mounting a pattern designed for the customer's specific applications onto an automatic molding machine.
  • Using the pattern, the machine makes the mold automatically, filling chambers above and below the pattern with sand, and squeezing the sand against the pattern to form the inner geometry of the mold.
  • Setting the core into the mold and closing the mold to be prepared for pouring.
  • Pouring the molten metal into the mold and forming the component.
  • Giving the mold time to cool down and removing the metal castings from the sand.
  • Cutting the pump component away from the gating system and cleaning and finishing them to customer specifications.

Many Types of Industrial Pumps

Industrial pump system construction can vary greatly based on their specific applications. At J. Walter Miller, we can cast brass or bronze pump components for many types of high-pressure hydraulic pumps. We regularly cast pump impellers, casings, pump bodies, covers, housings, and many other components in high quality certified brass and bronze materials.

Turn to J. Walter Miller for Pump Body Casting Manufacturing Services in Pennsylvania

For expert pump component castings, you can trust the pump casting manufacturers at J. Walter Miller Company. We pair relentless work ethic and traditional values with the industry's modern sand-casting technology to bring our customers products that exceed their expectations.

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