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High Quality Brass And Bronze Castings in Lancaster, PA

The enduring beauty of fine brass and bronze has allowed these metals to become popular choices for both treasured home furnishings and works of art. Many industrial manufacturers also select copper-based alloys. These materials form key components in machinery, electrical assemblies, plumbing supplies, and numerous other products. When you seek superb brass, bronze, or copper castings in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area, consider one name: J. Walter Miller Company (founded in 1887).

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Lancaster Precision Metal Castings

For generations, the Keystone State has performed a pivotal role in the foundry and metals fabrication industries. (Philadelphia served as a vital cannon manufacturing center during the Revolutionary War, in fact.) Over a hundred years ago, Jacob Walter Miller apprenticed as a silversmith in Philadelphia. He later moved to Lancaster to open his own metal castings business.

His talent became well known throughout the region. The company he founded cast very high quality, durable merchandise in copper, bronze and brass. To this day, the company remains as the top copper casting manufacturer in the area. Our tradition of excellence as a copper casting foundry continues!

Industrial Alloy Workspace in Lancaster, PA

Discover Our Brass Foundry in Lancaster, PA

In this century, many aspects of brass foundry operations involve the use of cutting edge technology. One advantage offered by the skilled team at J. Walter Miller Company involves the ability to customize your castings. We'll work closely with you to help refine and tailor every order to meet your precise specifications.

Our legacy of conscientious craftsmanship dates back over a long period of time. Yet our foundry company today reflects the individualized service and innovative processes you expect from an agile, robust completely modern enterprise. We've automated and computerized many aspects of casting in bronze and brass in order to serve our customers more effectively.

Obtain Outstanding Metal Castings in Lancaster, PA From J. Walter Miller Company

Goods containing copper alloys currently hold immense value in both consumer and industrial markets. Copper conducts electricity better than many metals, and it produces long lasting, corrosion-resistant pipes, tubing, and accessories. Its rich, reddish-gold hue enhances its appeal in decorative displays.

The beauty of lustrous brass and bronze castings contribute to home décor and interior design accents. Do you require sturdy door handles, locks, strike plates, industrial components, lawn and garden accessories, roofing hardware, cook ware, statuary, commemorative medallions, musical instruments, or any other items? Call upon us for help producing either industrial products or fine consumer wares.


Lancaster Metal Castings

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